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Getting Started - Form SDK


The following Getting Started guide is to cover those looking to create software with the FormPL SDK. For those looking to install Form to run software simply install the correct download from the FormRT download page. The intent of this guide is to help people new to Form install the software and test that they can run code from the command prompt/shell/command line once installed.


Go to the Form SDK downloads page to download the correct version.


Open the downloaded file, follow all instructions to install the latest version of the Form SDK. Note you will need to agree to the licence agreement for the install to be successful.

Hello, World!!!

Open a text editor and write the following program, save the program some where on your computer with the filename "hello.frs".

include "stdio" as stdio mutable [[char]] -> main -> int : "Hello, World!!!\n" -> stdio.print return +0;


To run the program, you will need to run the Form virtual machine from the command prompt/shell/command line. Open up a command prompt/shell/command line and type the following, replacing <location of saved file> with the correct location of the saved "hello.frs" file. Press enter/return, to run the program.

formvm "<location of saved file>hello" -p

All being successful you should see the following output.

------------------------------------------- 0 error(s) 0 warning(s) build complete Hello, World!!! finished in 0m:0s

Congratulation, you can now start programming in Form.